Standardized Patient Training (Minor)

Standardized Patient Training (Minor)
students in medical training lab

Offered by the Standardized Patient Training Council
Council: Paul Mroczka (Chair), Donna Driscoll, Kelley Legacy, Mike Mariska, Amanda Whitworth

The minor in Standardized Patient Training, which is open to any student, actively teaches those involved the practical skills and techniques necessary to work in the area of the standardized and simulated patients, which actively brings together clinical disciplines and the performing arts. Standardized and simulated patients are used in medical schools, clinical programs, and graduate schools to aid in the development of both the soft and hard skills of future doctors, nurses, physical therapists, counselors, and others. Standardized patients (SPs) play specifically outlined and delineated characters in clinical settings, interacting with those training in various clinical areas. After completing the Standardized Patient (SP) training program, students may be placed in work study or student hourly positions as SPs in clinical programs at PSU.

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
DN 2800Standardized Patient Improvisation and Physical Characterization3
PTH 3010Standardized Patient Practicum3
PTH 3020Standardized Patient Skills and Techniques3
TH 2820Acting I (WECO)3
TH 3900Acting II3
Total Credits15

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