Police Department FAQ

The University Police provides policing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are staffed with certified police officers authorized to provide services throughout both communities of Plymouth and Holderness. University police are the primary responders to criminal matters and security needs on the Plymouth and Holderness campuses.

They are also responsible for the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders on the campus of Plymouth State University. University Police can enforce laws and can make arrests on and off campus. Visitors to Plymouth State University may see University officers patrolling the campus on foot, bicycles, in police vehicles and sometimes working with other law enforcement organizations in the area.

First-year students can bring a car to school.  First year students can only park at the Ice Arena in Lot 603.

Parking is limited at Plymouth State and all parking placards are sold on a first come first serve basis. Parking placards give operators of vehicles parking privileges in certain areas of campus and not specifically near their residential hall or apartment.

Parking lots are marked with signs to indicate the type of parking allowed in a particular lot.

The University only sells parking placards for on-campus parking. Only on campus residential students are permitted to park overnight on campus.

If you have a car parked on campus, be sure to sign up for Snow Plowing Text Alerts.  Text alerts will remind you if/when your car must be moved for snow plowing. If your car is not moved for snow plowing it may need to be towed at your expense for $150.00.  

Sign up for text alerts Snow Plow Text Alerts

Fees for parking permits are broken down in the follow price categories:
AllWell North: $400.00
Residential North: $300.00
Restricted Parking: $150.00
Regular Commuter: $200.00
Restricted Commuter: $125.00
Graduate Students: $200.00

For complete information about parking services.

Plymouth State University maintains emergency alerting systems in order to rapidly alert the community to imminent life threatening emergencies and help victims contact emergency first responders.

Blue telephones are located in various areas on campus that activate the 911 system. By activating the 911 system, callers will be connected with the N.H. public safety answering point who will send emergencies services to your location or connect you with police/fire or emergency medical services.

University Outdoor Alert Siren: The siren notifies the campus and surrounding community of imminent life threatening danger. The siren is centrally located on campus, on High Street between Hyde Hall, the HUB (student union), and Geneva Smith Hall. The siren is audible for approximately a one-mile radius. The University participates in announced testing twice a year (at noon on the third Wednesdays in September and February) and otherwise will sound the alarm only when there is threat of imminent life threatening danger to those in the campus community.

Emergency Text Alerts and email are also sent during emergencies.  You may sign up for Emergency Text Alerts

Emergency Protocols

The University Police offers several services specifically designed to keep students safe while attending Plymouth State University. Below is a list of some of our most frequently used services.

Safe Ride: University Police will provide a safe ride to any student late night when the shuttle operations are not running. Rides are provided on campus and in the general vicinity off campus. Students need only to call University Police and ask for a “SAFE RIDE”  

Emergency Text Alerts and Email Alerts are used to inform students about emergencies or important information on or off 
Emergency Text Alerts and Email Alerts

Snow Plowing Text alerts are also used to inform students when their cars need to be moved for snow plowing or in the case of flooding. Students must sign up for both text alert systems in order to receive them. 
Snow Plowing Text alerts

Car lock out: If a student becomes locked out of their car, the University Police unlock your car at any time.

Room lockout: If a student becomes locked out of their residential hall and staff are not available, the University Police will unlock your room at any time.

Dead car battery jump starts: If your car battery is dead and the car will not start, the University Police with jump start your car anytime free of charge.

Silent witness/confidential reporting: The University Police encourages the reporting of all crimes as soon as possible. We do understand some people may not feel comfortable or safe in making a standard report to police. In these cases confidential reporting is available electronically and by telephone.

Safety Bulletins: For certain situations, University Police may issue safety bulletins to inform the community about a specific event impacting safety on or near campus. Safety bulletins are emailed to faculty staff and students and are often preceded by an emergency text alert. 

The University publishes an Annual Security and Fire Report that covers all the programs at Plymouth State University in place to keep students safe. 

The University Police offers a “Daily crime Log” which can be available if requested. 

The University Police is located at 2 High Street.  See below for contact numbers and times.
By dialing the University Police business line after hours you will be connected to the police communications center by listening to the correct prompt.
You may also call directly into the police communications center for emergencies or other matters by dialing 603-536-1626.

Location: 2 High Street
Emergencies: 911
Police Communications Emergency: (603) 536-1626
Business Line: (603) 535-2330
PSU Alert Line: (603) 535-3535
PSU Campus Tip Line: (603) 535-8477

Off-Campus Crimes can be reported to the Plymouth Police Department at (603) 536-1804.

After hours, University Police telephone lines are answered by the Plymouth Police Communications Center which is staffed 24 hours a day.

If contacted to locate a student, University Police will make every effort to deliver an urgent message. The University Police cannot mandate that a student contact their parent or legal guardian. University Police will make efforts to deliver the message and report to the caller that a message was delivered.

The University Shuttle runs from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The shuttle loop stops near all major buildings on campus including the library, dining hall, Ice area and AllWell and includes a Downtown stop. On Saturday and Sunday a Walmart/Hannaford stop is added.

Police Emergencies Only: (603) 536-1626

Ambulance, Fire, Police: Call 9-1-1

Business/Office Line or to Request Services: 
(603) 535-2330

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

PSU Alert Line: (603) 535-3535
Dial this number for school cancellations and weather alerts.

Sign up to receive Text Emergency Alerts

Tip Line: (603) 535-8477
Leave a confidential voice message tips

Silent Witness Tip
Submit a confidential tip form. 

Please Note: After hours, University Police telephone lines are answered by the Plymouth Police Communications Center which is staffed 24 hours a day.

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