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Reporting a Crime

Have you seen or heard of a crime but don’t know what to do? What if you see something suspicious? Should you report it? Yes!

Sometimes, people don’t feel the crime is severe enough to contact the police or feel that the police won’t be able to do anything about it anyway.

But, that one report might prevent future criminal events from occurring!

The chances of solving a crime decrease considerably when police aren’t aware that a crime has occurred in a timely manor.

Notification is the first step in being able to provide assistance.

If it’s an EMERGENCY, always DIAL 911.

For other crimes please call University Police  at (603) 535-2330. The University Police Department is  located at 2 High Street.

For crimes that occur off campus call Plymouth Police Department at (603) 536-1804.  The Plymouth Police Department is located at 334 Main Street.

You can always submit a tip with the Silent Witness Form or by calling the Campus Tip Line at (603) 535-8477, you don’t have to provide your name.

Silent Witness Program

You can always submit a tip with the Silent Witness Form.

Emergency Text Alert System

Plymouth State University’s Emergency Text Alert System service allows the University to send texts to your cell phone with information about campus-wide emergencies, class cancellations, or other urgent campus communications. There’s no charge for this service; however, depending on your cell phone carrier, there may be a fee to receive text messages.

Plymouth State Universities website is the primary source for information during an emergency but the Emergency Text Alert System is the most immediate means of communication. It’s important that you register for this service in the event you’re unable to access the Internet during an emergency.

Register or Check Your Registration Status

Register for PSU Emergency Text Alerts! From this page, you can also edit your cell phone number should it change.

Questions? Contact PSU’s Helpdesk at or (603) 535-2929.


Plymouth State University does not guarantee the successful delivery of each message to each individual recipient. The service depends on the individual e-mail systems, cellular, and mobile phone carriers to deliver SMS and e-mail messages to each recipient. There may be a charge by your cell phone provider to receive SMS messages.

Sexual Assault Reporting

Are you in need of assistance or guidance? Are you uncertain if what you or someone you know has experienced is a crime?

The University Police is committed to providing help to victims of sexual and domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and victims of violent crime. Our responsibility is to assist victims with locating proper resources, investigating reports and prosecuting perpetrators.

For On Campus outreach and counseling services please contact the Dean of Student’s Office at 535-2206 or at:  PSU Title IX.

For Off Campus outreach and counseling services please contact Voices Against Violence at: 1-877-221-6176

For information about reporting a sexual assault on campus to the Police contact University Police at (603) 535-2330.

For information about reporting a sexual assault off campus to the Police contact the Plymouth Police Department at (603) 536-1804.

Safe Ride Program

University Police will provide a safe ride to any student late night when the shuttle operations are not running. Rides are provided on campus and in the general vicinity off campus. Students need only to call University Police and ask for a “SAFE RIDE”

R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense Systems

The R.A.D. Systems course teaches women self-defense concepts and techniques. We cover various types of potential assault, addressing each type with easy, effective, and proven self-defense tactics.

More About R.A.D.

Police Emergencies Only: (603) 536-1626

Ambulance, Fire, Police: Call 9-1-1

Business/Office Line or to Request Services: 
(603) 535-2330

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

PSU Alert Line: (603) 535-3535
Dial this number for school cancellations and weather alerts.

Sign up to receive Text Emergency Alerts

Tip Line: (603) 535-8477
Leave a confidential voice message tips

Silent Witness Tip
Submit a confidential tip form. 

Please Note: After hours, University Police telephone lines are answered by the Plymouth Police Communications Center which is staffed 24 hours a day.

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Report Suspicious Activity - call 911



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