Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice programs at Plymouth State University aim to serve students interested in careers in law enforcement, court administration, corrections, juvenile services, as well as graduate or law school. Consistent with the general mission of Plymouth State University, the programs seeks to produce well-rounded graduates who are equipped to both continue their education and enter the work force. In addition, the department serves the surrounding community, not only by producing high quality graduates well prepared to enter their field, but also by partnering with local and regional agencies to provide academic and research support.

Students in Criminology are encouraged to consider a minor in another department that would interface with the field of Criminology. Free electives could be used to fulfill the requirements for minors such as: Anthropology/Sociology, Business Administration, Child Welfare and Family Studies, Computing, French, Information Technology, Media Studies, Peace and Social Justice Studies, Political Science, Pre-Law, Professional Communication, Psychology, Spanish or Women’s Studies.