Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

Plymouth State University offers two options for students interested in careers in law enforcement, court administration, corrections, juvenile services, or graduate or law school: the BA in criminology and the BS in criminal justice. Both offer challenging coursework, hands-on learning opportunities, and community-based internships that will help build leadership, communication, and collaborative skills.

Plymouth State’s new BS in forensic science program is geared to both science and non-science students who love investigation and problem-solving and is the first baccalaureate degree program of its kind from a public university in New Hampshire. The STEM-orientated program emphasizes a solid theoretical foundation and laboratory skills while cultivating a critical, detail-oriented approach to investigations, and the curriculum features modern laboratory setups and instrumentation.  

In 2022, Plymouth State University launched a new partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Safety (DOS). The partnership provides students with access to internship opportunities and the first steps toward careers in public safety. Students have opportunities to build rewarding careers through work with top criminologists and sociologists, and veteran first responders and safety administrators.

Panther Spotlights

  • Genesis Uribe
    “Plymouth is a very welcoming and open environment,” says Uribe, who is planning to attend law school. “Faculty and staff make this place what it is, and in the criminal justice program they work day in, day out not just to inspire students but making sure that students are ok. I enjoy that intimacy that comes with a small campus.”
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