Criminal Justice Honor Society

Plymouth State University is the proud home of the Eta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma.

Alpha Phi Sigma is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The society recognizes the academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate students in criminal justice.

Exceptional students who meet the membership criteria are invited to join early in the spring semester.  Students wishing to accept this invitation must submit their completed applications and a one-time membership fee by the deadline specified in their invitation.

The official induction of new members takes place at the annual Criminal Justice Honor Society Induction and Awards Ceremony held toward the end of the spring semester.

What is expected of Criminal Justice Honor Society members?

All members are expected to:

  • meaningfully participate in all chapter organized events
  • attend all meetings called by the chapter president
  • attend the annual induction ceremony
  • assist with set-up for the induction ceremony as needed.

Questions about joining the CJ Honor Society?

Contact  Dr. Stephanie Halter at

Responsibilities of Honor Society Officers

Officers shall receive recommendations and  ideas from Active Members. Officers shall deliberate in many voices but govern in one.

General Powers and Duties: The primary affairs of our chapter shall be managed by this chapter’s officers. The duties of chapter officers shall include the following:

The President (or other designated officer) will preside at all meetings of Alpha Phi Sigma. The President is responsible for calling meetings (3 a semester) and coming up with charity, academic, and civic events to benefit the chapter and community.

The Vice President’s duties shall be to preside at all meetings and functions that the President cannot attend. The Vice President will help ensure that the agreed to events are attended by all chapter members.

The Treasurer  shall be competent in the organization’s financial needs. They are responsible for all budget and financial information. This information will be kept secure, current and available for officers and members at their request. They will have the capacity to utilize chapter funds for chapter business.