Accelerated High School Program

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Plymouth State University (PSU) offers an opportunity for high school students to expand their coursework by challenging themselves at the collegiate level. This opportunity is not meant to replace a high school curriculum or program but allows students to deepen their educational experience.

Registration Process

Students must submit a completed application for the Accelerated High School Student Program and an official high school transcript. Once the application is reviewed, the Admissions Office will notify the student of his or her status.

Student Eligibility

  • Current juniors and seniors enrolled full time in high school.
  • Students must be enrolled in a college preparatory curriculum.
  • Students must possess a “B” average minimum/cumulative GPA.

Required Documentation





Plymouth State University course prerequisites must be met, if applicable.

The PSU Admissions Office makes the final decision on course enrollment approval and denial.

Course enrollment is offered on a space-available basis.

  • PSU reserves the right to cancel low enrolled sections if necessary.
  • PSU policy regarding dropping courses applies to students enrolled in the Accelerated High School Student Program. Students are responsible for understanding the policy on dropping courses and following it.
  • Students will be responsible for any expenses incurred due to a dropped course, and for all tuition and associated costs resulting from a failed course.

Students may take one course per semester, as follows:

  • In the fall semester
  • And/or in the spring semester
  • And/or in the summer session
    • Students should be aware of the intensive nature of courses offered during the summer session, which are often shorter than courses offered in the fall or spring semesters

Courses may be taken during a student’s junior and/or senior year of high school. Graduating seniors are eligible to take courses during the summer session of the year in which they intend to graduate, providing they are enrolled in the program prior to high school graduation.

Students in the Accelerated High School Student Program may not approach a PSU instructor for admittance to a course before he or she has been approved by the PSU Admissions Office.

Plymouth State University tuition and fees per semester include:

  • 50% of tuition (in-state & out-of-state rates apply).
  • 100% of mandatory student fees.
  • Late fees, if applicable.

Students pay the full cost for non-credit courses.