Emotional Support

Advocates from Voices Against Violence are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Advocates support clients with any and all needs including seeking medical attention, reporting an assault, and seeking emotional support.  Voices Against Violence is our primary resource referral. We seek to connect individuals with a confidential advocate as soon as possible following a disclosure. Contact Voices Against Violence at (603) 536-5999 for assistance. Information about their services can be found at voicesagainstviolence.net

This path focuses on emotional healing. These resources can help you explore your options in case you choose to file a University or criminal report.

Different people on campus have different reporting responsibilities, different abilities to resolve sexual assault reports, and different abilities to maintain your confidentiality. If you want the details of the incident to be kept fully confidential, you should initially speak with one of the following:

Off-Campus Confidential Resources

Voices Against Violence
Main St.
1-877-221-6176 (24-hour hotline)

On-Campus Confidential Resources

PSU Counseling Center
Merrill Street, behind Hyde Hall

Health Services
16 Merrill Street

Seeking Support and Advice  
You can seek support and advice from private resources including faculty members, advisers to student organizations, many service administrators on campus, student activities personnel, and staff. However, these resources may be required to report the incident.  If you are unsure of someone’s duties and their ability to maintain your privacy, simply ask them before you speak to them about your incident. They will be able to tell you their responsibilities and to help you make decisions about who can best assist you.