Government Relations

Government Relations Mission

The PSU Government Relations Office serves as the University’s main point of contact with elected and appointed local, state, and federal government officials. The office seeks to maintain a high level of effective communication, participation, and service between government officials and Plymouth State University in consideration of proposed legislation, potential grants, and pending appropriations. The goal is to assure an appropriate understanding of and to encourage appreciation for the mission, goals, and programs at Plymouth State University among public officials through personal contact, written communication, and special University events or functions.

Contact Information

Peter Miller
(603) 535-2573

PSU: A New Kind of University

A white female student sits at a clay wheel shaping pottery.

Plymouth State University (PSU) is breaking new ground for higher education. Students will graduate ready to participate in the workforce, understand the nuances of working with a variety of people, and make a positive difference in the state’s economy and, ultimately, its demographics. The University, regional businesses and non-profits, school districts, and towns are working collaboratively through the Cluster Model of Learning, helping businesses improve and energizing towns while giving students the chance to work with real-world challenges. As they weave theory with opportunities to apply that knowledge to a real-life challenge, PSU students will graduate with collaborative, problem-solving, and communication skills, deeper critical thinking, and the resilience to find solutions to future complex problems.

Because PSU students are involved in real-world challenges from their Tackling a Wicked Problem course through their culminating capstone class, they understand the challenges facing the State. Every student is exposed to a diverse range of ‘internships’ and have a variety of contacts with businesses, schools, and other organizations. Our open lab/cluster projects connect students directly with businesses and communities. While traditional internships provide excellent one-on-one connections, the open lab experiences expose more students and more businesses to one another. In open labs, students are working on real life projects/research/analysis that help their external clients.

White male students sit at a round table in discussion.

New Hampshire innovators and entrepreneurs will learn that PSU graduates bring new skills and collaborative multi-disciplinary knowledge that will improve their bottom line – and their community. With built-in connections to business, non-profit, and town organizations, and with a broader Academic and Career Advising Center, students will be able to stay in NH to work in, strengthen, and create new businesses. It is a win-win-win for students, PSU, and the state.