Academic Advising Support

Academic Advising

Once you have committed to attending Plymouth State University, you are assigned an Academic Advisor.

All students coming in with majors are assigned a faculty advisor. All students coming in undeclared are assigned an Academic and Career Advisor.

  • Faculty Advisors are assigned based on majors. You can change advisors at any time, but we try to pair you up with someone who has knowledge of your program so they can make the best recommendations on classes.
  • Academic and Career Advisors work to help you complete some HoME Experience, first-year, and exploratory classes in your first semester at PSU.
  • You will meet with your advisor over the summer, and during the fall semester, to talk about different subjects that may be of interest. From there, your advisor can make recommendations on courses.
  • Undeclared students have until the second semester of their sophomore year to declare a major.

Whether you have a Faculty Advisor or an Academic and Career Advisor, you can meet with them at any time throughout the semester. They are here to help with academics as well as social and emotional support. Advisors often:

  • Review courses for upcoming semesters.
  • Make recommendations on clubs and events.
  • Help navigate difficult conversations.
  • Act as accountability partners.
  • Help get you back on track academically, if needed.
  • Cheer on your achievements.
  • Help you find other helpful resources on campus, and so much more!

Unsure of how to find out who your advisor is? There are a few ways to access this information:

  • Navigate: download the Navigate Student app and search for Plymouth State University
  • Degree Works:→Tools (Academics)→Self-Service PSU→Student Academic Record/Registration→Degree Works (left panel).
  • At the very top of your Degree Works, your advisor’s name is listed.
  • Degree Works is a great way to see what courses you need to take throughout your time at PSU.

 The Academic and Career Advising Center

Our website has a lot of useful information.

You can get to the site by logging in to, and clicking on the Advising tab at the top.  Select ACADEMIC AND CAREER ADVISING CENTER SHAREPOINT SITE.

What services do we offer?

We work with more than just first-year students! Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, continuing education students, etc. are all welcome to come see us. We can help you with:

  • Major Exploration
  • Changing your advisor
  • Degree Completion Audits
  • Declaring/Changing your major
  • Declaring your minor
  • Registering for classes

Key Information For Success at Plymouth State

Each semester, students should take at least 15 credits. Students can take 15-18 credits a semester. Each year, students will want to make sure they have at least 30 credits total between the two semesters. This keeps them on track to graduate within four years (15 credits x 8 semesters = 120 credits needed to graduate).

Advice From Advisors

  • Check your PSU email regularly.
  • Talk to your professors early and often.
  • Meet with your advisor at least once a semester (more is better!).