During the financial aid process, there are many times when additional information is required to complete an application for Federal Student Aid.

When PSU receives your FAFSA information, we will review it and contact you if any additional information is need. The U.S. Department of Education selects approximately 1/3 of all financial aid applicants for verification. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem with your application, simply that we need to collect additional information.

Notifications of required documents are sent via email. Only the forms being requested by Student Financial Services will need to be completed. Requested documents may be emailed, faxed, mailed, or dropped off in person during open office hours.

Documents may be sent to Student Financial Services via fax, mail, or uploaded using our Secure Document Upload. Please do not email documents.

Fax: 603-535-2627
Mailing address:
Student Financial Services
17 High St
MSC 19
Plymouth, NH 03264

Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling

All students borrowing from the Federal Direct Loan Program are required to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete online Entrance Counseling at if accepting their Federal Direct Loan.  

Additional Forms

Please complete ONLY the forms listed on your email from Student Financial Services. Do not send any unsolicited documentation as this may require additional clarification from PSU and slow the financial aid process and keep our office from identifying programs for which the student may be eligible.

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Form Name 2022-2023
Academic Year
(Sept 2022-May 2023)
Academic Year
(Sept 2023-May 2024)
Change in Circumstances Appeal 2022-2023 Appeal 2023-2024 Appeal
Citizenship Affidavit 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Eligible Non-Citizen Affidavit 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Independent Appeal Form 2022-2023 Appeal 2023-2024 Appeal
Parent Refusal Form 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Permission Form 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Sibling Enrollment Verification 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Signature Page for FAFSA 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Statement of Educational Purpose Form 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Unusual Enrollment History Appeal 2022-2023 Appeal 2023-2024 Appeal
Verify Parent on FAFSA 2022-2023 Form 2023-2024 Form
Winterim Request Form January 2023 Form  
Summer Financial Aid Application Summer 2023 Summer 2024

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