Study Away at PSU

Plymouth State University views study away as an important element of your education. The Global Engagement Office can assist students with getting started and obtaining cost information for programs in which they may be interested. It is recommended that students reach out to Student Financial Services with any concerns about costs and affordability.

FAFSA Filing While Away

The FAFSA must be submitted every year if you are in need of any financial aid for the following school year.  PSU’s priority deadline is March 1. Do not miss PSU’s priority March 1 FAFSA deadline if you are participating in a spring semester program and plan to return to PSU the following fall semester. Please make arrangements to complete the application while you are away. This is your source for any PSU grants or scholarships, Federal work-study (which can be used once you return to PSU), and Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants (SEOG).  Late FAFSA filers may only be eligible for Federal Direct Loans and Federal Grants.

Federal and state regulations permit the use of federal and state funds to be used for program-related costs in which PSU awards college level credit.  In addition, PSU permits institutional aid (i.e. PSU grants, PSU scholarships, and departmental scholarships) to be used towards the cost of Fall and/or Spring study away expenses.

While most times, costs to study abroad exceed PSU semester costs, students are able to apply for Federal Parent PLUS or student alternative loans to help meet any additional study abroad costs not covered by federal, state or PSU financial assistance.

Other financial concerns to keep in mind:

  • Students are billed a nominal fee by PSU for Study Abroad programs. All other expenses are billed by the study abroad program provider and paid to them by the student.
  • Any financial aid for which the student applies will be processed through PSU’s Student Financial Services office.
  • Students are responsible for requesting their credit balance and paying their study abroad provider themselves; PSU does not pay providers directly.
  • Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit recipients are eligible to be used toward study abroad costs.

PSU provides study abroad students with several opportunities for additional funding through endowed and annual scholarships. Applications are available online through AcademicWorks. Please see each of the following scholarships for additional information:

Barbara Willey Endowment For International Studies Scholarship - This endowed fund is to support scholarships and stipends to students for international study related to their courses and major at Plymouth State University.

The Worthen Vascak Scholarship for International Study, Research, and Service – This scholarship is to assist PSU domestic undergraduate and graduate students realize their dreams for study abroad, through traditional study abroad programs, research abroad, short-term faculty­ led travel courses, internships, etc. Eligible students shall be in strong academic standing, according to the minimum standard required for study abroad, and must be participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program or experience. The scholarship may be awarded for the traditional academic semesters, Winterim, or summer session as long as the program is credit-bearing.

Gisela and Paul Estes German Study Abroad Scholarship - The purpose of the Gisela and Paul Estes Study Abroad Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to PSU students in good academic standing to participate in a credit-bearing study abroad program in a German-speaking country.  Believing that immersion in a different culture is a life-changing experience, the Donors wish is for PSU students to live in and experience a German-speaking culture and to further their own proficiency in speaking the German language.  Eligible students shall be in strong academic standing, according to the minimum standard required for study abroad, and must be admitted to credit-bearing study abroad programs in a German-speaking country: Germany or Austria. The scholarship may be awarded for the traditional academic semesters, Winterim, or summer session as long as the program is credit-bearing. 

Nancy Bailey Snyder '63 Semester-at-Sea Scholarship Fund – This scholarship fund provides financial support for a deserving graduate or undergraduate student at Plymouth State who is participating in the Semester-at-Sea program and is pursuing or intends to pursue a career in teaching. The eligible recipient/s shall be a matriculated student of limited financial means who is participating in the Semester-at-Sea program and is currently pursuing or intends to pursue a career in teaching.  The award is made upon consideration of the applicants financial need and desire to broaden their world perspective through the study of and experience in other countries and cultures; subsequently, it is intended to enrich the recipients teaching as a result of such experience.


Additional Private Scholarships for Study Abroad

The U.S. government believes it is important for citizens to be better educated about the world and is providing scholarship assistance to help college students engage in overseas study. Below are links to additional scholarship opportunities. Read the instructions carefully since some scholarships do have a service component associated with receipt of the scholarship. Deadlines for applications may vary.

All of these scholarships are competitive with other students around the U.S.  To be the most competitive it is important to read instructions carefully and check application deadlines. Students may wish to prepare a draft of their essay and have it reviewed by a faculty member, the Writing Center (hyperlink to at Lamson Library or a study abroad advisor in the Global Education Office.

Possible scholarships are:

NSEP (Boren Scholarship)

Asia Freeman, Instiute of International Education

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Fulbright Program for U.S. Students

Fund for Education Abroad


ItaliaRail Scholarship Program (for students intending to study abroad in Italy only.)


Other Study Abroad Funding Opportunities

Diversity – Dedicated to increasing participation and better serving the needs of diverse and underrepresented students in international education

Generation Study Abroad – Resources IIE (Institute of International Education) has for people interested in study abroad

Fund for Education Abroad – Committed to increasing the opportunities for dedicated American students to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs by reducing financial restrictions through the provision of grants and scholarships.