Bachelor of Science

Finance is a broad and dynamic area of study, with many career possibilities.  While pursuing a Finance degree at Plymouth State, you’ll learn financial management for large corporations and small businesses, investment analysis, international finance and gain an understanding of financial institutions and markets.  You can also pursue electives in areas from real estate investment to income tax preparation to public finance, among others.

PSU’s finance professors have worked in firms ranging from small businesses to large global corporations, bringing years of professional experience to the classroom. They understand the field of finance and serve as professional mentors as well as teachers.

At PSU you can join a host of active student organizations with business themes.  PSU’s Investment Club manages a portfolio of $10,000+.  Under the supervision of faculty, students in the Investment Club invest in the stock market, with profits funding scholarships.  There are also student clubs that focus on starting new businesses, marketing and accounting.  These clubs are great ways to meet students with similar interests, network with professionals in the field and run events.

PSU Investment Club

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