Plymouth State University Sales Institute

PSU Sales group

The PSU Competitive Sales Team celebrating with corporate partner Black Diamond Networks at their headquarters in Andover, MA

The Plymouth State University Sales Institute is a nationally recognized collegiate sales program that affords students the opportunity to achieve personal and professional success and prepare them to be positive contributors to their profession, their communities, and the world.

Steeped in an inclusive culture based on its core values of grit, humanity, and purpose, sales students find a sense of campus belonging and real-world, immersive growth opportunities facilitated by dedicated, experienced professors.

The mission of the PSU Sales Institute is to develop and prepare sales students to be:

  • Human-centered change catalysts
  • Relationship builders
  • Resilient critical thinkers
  • Lifelong learners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Community builders

Sales Course Sequencing: BS Marketing Professional Sales Option

SAL 3280 Professional Selling Skills I 4
SAL 3290 Professional Selling Skills II 4
SAL 3300 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution 4
SAL 4330 Professional Sales Management 4
Professional Sales Option Electives - Complete two:
ACC, BUS, ECN, ENT, FIN, LAW, MGM, MKT, SAL, SM 3000/4000-level courses

Professional Sales Minor:

BUS 1100 Introduction to Marketing and Sales 4
SAL 3280 Professional Selling Skills I 4
SAL 3290 Professional Selling Skills II 4

Minor Electives – Complete one:

SAL 3300 
SAL 3310 
SAL 4330 
SAL 4710 
BUS 4620 
FIN 4300 
MKT 3450 
MGM 3450 
ACC 3142 


Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
Sales Prospecting & Business Development
Professional Sales Management
Medical Sales Capstone
Business Internship
Professional Financial Planning
Sports Marketing and Sales
Organizational Behavior & Team Development (DICO)
Cost Accounting







Total Credits 16