Economics (Minor)

Economics (Minor)
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The Economics minor is designed to provide students with greater adaptability for dealing with challenges in a competitive global economy. The curriculum delivers economic reasoning and analytical skills that can be applied to problems and issues throughout the entire economy. It also adds a social science perspective to the business major’s outlook. People with a sound understanding of economics have a competitive edge in careers and academic pursuits.

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University. 

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements 1
BUS 1400Principles of Economics (GACO)4
ECN 3100Intermediate Macroeconomics4
or ECN 3200 Intermediate Microeconomics
Minor Electives 2
Select two of the following (one must be an ECN or FIN course):7-8
AN 3130
Economic Diversity and Inequality
ECN 3100
Intermediate Macroeconomics (If not taken above)
ECN 3200
Intermediate Microeconomics (If not taken above)
ECN 4100
Money and Banking
ECN 4200
International Finance and Economic Policy
ECN 4400
Current Topics in Economics
ESP 3340
Introduction to Ecological Economics
FIN 3400
Investment Principles
GE 3080
Economic Geography
SU 3115
Economic and Ecological Sustainability (GACO,QRCO)
Total Credits15-16

Courses listed in this group are the primary component of the student’s exploration of the field of economics. When possible, the courses should be taken in the order suggested.


Courses listed in this group are the second component of the student’s exploration of the field of economics.

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