Academic Resources

Academic Advisor

You and your advisor should get to know each other. Call, e-mail and/or stop by your advisor’s office frequently. Your advisor will assist you in mapping out your semester schedule as well as creating your “Four-year plan.” In addition, you and your advisor will discuss your major, career, and life goals. Not sure how to go about coordinating internship, practicum, and project-based experiences? Yep, your academic advisor can help with that too!

Campus Accessibility Services

Did you have an IEP or 504 in high school? If so, you can seek similar accommodations for your classes at PSU. Perhaps you require other physical or temporary accommodations due to a diagnosis or injury? Campus Accessibility Services works with all students who need accommodations to maximize their potential while helping to develop and maintain independence through self-determination and self-advocacy.

Career Development

You can visit Career Development for a variety of services—from helping determine what career is right for you, reviewing your resume or cover letter, learning how to best market yourself to land the career of your dreams, connecting you to alumni in your field of interest, to everything in-between.


If you have a question or thought about a class, reach out to your professors. They are the experts in their field and the classes they are teaching, so if you aren’t sure about requirements for an assignment, a grade you received, or what opportunities there are in the field after graduation, asking them is a great place to start. You can email them, stop by their office hours, chat with them before/after class – just make sure you’re communicating with them.

Global Engagement Office

Interested in studying at another institution, domestically or internationally, while at PSU? The Global Engagement Office can review all of your options with you, including short-term faculty-led trips, semester-long exchange programs, and immersive internship experiences, and also help you plan around your academic and financial needs.

ITS Helpdesk

The ITS Help Desk, located at the Information Desk on the main level of Lamson Learning Commons, is the single point of contact you need for Information Technology support.  Whether it’s a problem you are having with your computer or a question you have about software, the ITS Help Desk staff can assist you.  Often the technicians at the ITS Help Desk will be able to answer your questions and resolve your technology problems over the telephone or via email or chat.  If not, you can visit them when Lamson is open.

PASS (Plymouth Academic Support Services) Office

The PASS Office coordinates the TRiO program as well as subject-specific and general study skills tutoring. You can stop by the PASS Office to meet with a general study skills tutor when you feel like you need help developing better time management, note-taking, and organizational skills and request an individual tutor for up to two specific courses (excluding writing and math) each semester at no additional charge.

Student Success Coaches

Every first year student is assigned a Student Success Coach to support them during their first year at PSU. Contact your coach with any questions or concerns you may have about class registration, getting more involved on campus, finding a job, or anything else you may think of.

Writing Center

Visit the Writing Center in Lamson Learning Commons for assistance with all things writing! From helping you get started on your writing assignment, to editing your final draft, and everything in-between like properly citing sources, professional and student consultants can help you develop and sharpen your writing skills.