Student Support Foundation

the logo of Plymouth State University's Student Support Foundation is a dark blue circle with a smaller outline of a circle in light blue inside and the letters SSF in white.

The Plymouth State University Student Support Foundation was started in August of 2005 with a challenge grant from Carrie Morgridge, whose husband John is a PSU alumnus class of 1985. The Foundation is an organization open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in taking responsibility for their fellow students and learning more about poverty and the life skills of service and philanthropy.


Our Mission

  • To keep students in school through short-term emergency assistance and long-term student support.
  • To create a culture of philanthropy in the campus community.
  • To provide direction to available resources for long-term student support.
  • To identify areas where student support is lacking and help to fill those needs.
  • To fairly and impartially evaluate requests for financial assistance.
  • To educate students about other students’ issues and challenges.



Student Support Foundation resources are available to all current Plymouth State Students.


Hartman Union Building (HUB), Room 118




Join our Student Organization

Student Support Foundation members stand behind their table with a poster about the organization to the right at the Student Activities Fair.

Your voice matters at our meetings.

We strive to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere where all voices are heard. Every new members perspective helps us make thoughtful decisions on how to best use our funds when award financial support and resources to Plymouth State Students.

We meet every Tuesday evening at 6pm in the Office of Community Impact (room 039), located on the first floor of the Hartman Union Building. We’d love to have you stop by!

IMPORTANT: Students on the board must sign a statement of confidentiality regarding all Student Support Foundation Grants.


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