eSports Program

The Plymouth eSports Program opened in Fall 2022 on the first floor of the Harman Union Building (HUB). Our facility hosts 16 workstations, four console gaming centers, a content creator space, planning space for team play, four Virtual Reality stations, and plenty of lounge seating for casual gamers to come and enjoy the space. 

  • The eSports lounge at Plymouth State University
  • The workstations at Plymouth State University's eSports lounge
  • Console gaming area of the Plymouth State University's eSports lounge.
  • One of four console gaming stations at the Plymouth State University eSports lounge.
  • Two male students sit in the eSports lounge playing a video game together.
  • A male student uses a Virtual Reality headset in Plymouth State University's eSports lounge
  • 8 students sit at an 8-person gaming station in the PSU eSports lounge.
  • A male student sits at one of the workstations at PSU's eSports lounge with headphones on.
  • 3 students sit at the console gaming station at the PSU eSports lounge

Students Plan New eSports Club

psu esports logo

Matt Miller ’24 enjoys online gaming because it’s mentally challenging and helps him develop multitasking skills. An electromechanical technology and robotics major with a sweet spot for the tech world, he also likes that gaming connects him to a virtual community of like-minded peers.

“I’m part of many different groups online, and I can just hop into a voice chat with anyone, and they’ll take me in and play games with me,” Miller says. He notes that at Plymouth State University he has also met many others who enjoy video game play, including his roommate, Robert Muzzey ’24.

Miller wants to share his passion for gaming with more University students and is leading the charge to create a new eSports Club on campus. He is working with others to draw up a constitution and other governing documents to make official what is now considered a focus group. “I’ve met all these kids through video games,” he says. “It’s a common passion we have. We want to share it with other people.”

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