Student Activities and Engagement

Welcome to Plymouth State University's vibrant hub of Student Activities and Engagement, where a variety of enriching experiences awaits to complement your college journey. We are committed to creating a thriving sense of community and connection that transcends the boundaries of the classroom. Our goal is to empower students to delve into their passions, nurture their leadership abilities, and create unforgettable memories that will stay with them long after graduation.


Get Involved


At Plymouth State, we want our students to see further, beyond what they thought possible. That’s why we offer so many ways for you to become involved—to help broaden your perspective, enlarge your circle of friends, and enrich your life with authentic experiences. Whether clubs, student organizations, activities, sports, arts and culture, or ministry—no matter what you’re into or interested in, PSU has something for you. Explore all PSU has to offer and get involved today!

Up here, you become part of a true community.

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