Competitive Sports

Soccer team on athletic field

Intramural Sports

Our intramural program hosts a variety of sports and league formats to hit everyone’s needs. You compete against other PSU students in either a competitive (you’ve played that sport before) or recreational (you are new to a sport) format. Joining a team or participating in a tournament is a lower-level time commitment as there are no weekly practices or try-outs. Champions win an exclusive yearly T-shirt that comes in a few colors, to encourage you to collect ’em all! Upcoming sports include flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, cornhole, dodgeball, and more. 


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Sport Clubs

Our Sport Club program currently hosts 18 active clubs, some competitive and some recreational. Many travel to compete against other universities in the greater New England area and beyond! There is typically a significant time commitment as several of these clubs practice 3–5 times a week. 

Current Sport Clubs with Instagram handles: