Student ID

As a student, faculty or staff at PSU, you will be required to have an official Plymouth State University Identification Card: The Panther Pass.

Your University ID has many purposes, including:

Example of a student id
  • Use as a “key” to residence halls and all academic buildings
  • Getting materials from the Lamson Library
  • Access to your Meal Plan and any PantherBucks* on your Card
    • *PantherBucks can be used on campus at our dining locations, campus bookstore, vending, and at select downtown businesses for food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Admission to the on campus facilities including the fitness center in the HUB
  • Access to sporting events on campus

As a member of the PSU community, you are expected to carry your Panther Pass with you at all times.


For the attention of new undergraduate students ONLY:
Student ID Photos are taken during new student move-in day. If you miss that day, Student ID photos are taken at the Office of Student Life in the Hartman Union Building (HUB) Rm 110.

Replacement Costs:
Lost/Stolen/Punched ID $35.00
Damaged ID $15.00

You must turn in your damaged ID to the Office of Student Life, HUB Rm 110, in order to receive the discounted price.

Please Note:
  • If you are given a defective card you have one(1) month from date of purchase to receive a free replacement of the card. After that normal costs apply. Eligibility for a free ID will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Taking your picture: DOs and DON’Ts

If you don’t submit your picture through the GET app or online, you will need to stop by the ID Center to have your picture taken.


The GET software will help you crop the photo for your ID make sure you follow all the below guidelines.


Your photo must be taken against a solid background. Lighter colors are the best (white, light blue, etc.). If it’s too dark we will reject the photo. No patterns, textures or scenic backgrounds in your picture either. We know it’s pretty but it doesn’t look good on the ID.


Be sure the photo you submit is exposed properly. Check your lighting source (if you’re not using a flash). If the light is coming from behind, your face will be too dark. If it’s coming from the side, the lighting will be uneven and your face will be too dark on one half and too light on the other half. Use a flash, even in daylight. Take a good look at the photo before you submit it.

Senior Portraits, Prom pictures, and Selfies

We’re sure your senior portrait is very nice, but it belongs on the wall or in scrap book. We’re equally sure your selfie game is very strong, but those along with your prom pics, vacation shots and wedding party photos are not quite what we’re looking for, regardless of how nice they are, please don’t submit them. Remember how your photo will be used – to identify you!

Other Important Dos and Don'ts...
  • Keep the hats and sunglasses off of your head for your Panther Pass Card Photo.
  • Smile or don’t smile – it’s up to you – but please, no goofy faces.
  • No other people in your photo. I know your friends and family are awesome but you’re the only one we need in the photo.
Examples of Acceptable Photos:
Acceptable student id photos
Examples of Unacceptable Photos:
Unacceptable photo student id photos

Submit a Photo:

Submit via Web

Or download the App:

Ios app preview
Android App Store preview

Plymouth State University maintains a computerized Identification Card system to support the ID card requirements of the University. The ID card system is administered by the Administrative Office / ID Center in the Office of Student Life, Hartman Union Building Rm 110, as a service to all University students and departments.

Summary of services available with a PSU ID card:
  • Borrow materials from the Lamson Library
  • Gain admission to PSU athletic contests
  • Use PSU Physical Education Center facilities
  • Use Hartman Union/Recreation facilities
  • Access to residence halls
  • Access to all academic buildings
  • Use of meal plan
  • Use of vending and other cash-to-card devices
  • Ski Package
Facts about PSU ID cards you should know:
  • The ID card must be presented when seeking access or privileges requiring a PSU ID or upon request of a University official.
  • You must produce “proof of your identity” in order to have your PSU ID taken. The PSU ID Notice provides complete details.
  • The cost for a student to replace a lost/stolen/punched ID card is $35.00.
  • In the case of stolen ID cards: If you report the card as lost to a Police department and bring in a copy of the report, we may reduce the cost of a replacement ID card to $15.00. Any discount must be approved by Student Life staff.
  • The cost to replace a damaged card is $15.00 under the condition that the damaged card is turned in when a new card is issued. Punching a hole in the card will incur the full $35.00 cost for replacement, regardless of condition.
  • During the first month after purchase of a new ID, you may be able to get a free replacement if the card ceases to work. After the first month, the card will be treated like any other damaged card and will cost $15.00 to replace. Eligibility for a free ID will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Damage to the card will void this option.
  • It is very important to replace lost or stolen ID cards as soon as possible. This is to protect you against misuse of your ID for campus operations such as food service, any relevant access control, the library and other on-line University data-based operations.
  • Your campus ID card is an important and powerful tool. It must be treated carefully, like you would your ATM card, driver’s license or credit cards. It is not transferable. It should be kept in a wallet or pouch to keep it clean. DO NOT punch a hole in the card, as this will damage your ID card. The University is not responsible for any misuse of your ID card.
  • Panther Bucks is now available for vending, laundry, meals, retail food purchases and in the University Bookstore. FlexCash & Panther Bucks Information
  • Fraudulent use of an ID card may result in disciplinary action. Fraudulent use includes using or permitting the use of a card by a person other that the individual to whom it is issued or for the benefit of a person not entitled to the privilege for which it is used.

Student IDs are printed in the Office of Student Life located in HUB 110 – (603) 535-3215.
For any further questions, please contact Randy Szabadics.