FlexCash and PantherBucks

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FlexCash and PantherBucks are funds accessed with the use of a campus ID card. They are linked together, yet each has different characteristics and guidelines for use. At locations that accept both types of funds, the system that manages the transaction first draws from the FlexCash account and then draws from the PantherBucks account. This is seamless and assures that the funds which expire (FlexCash) are used before the funds that never expire (PantherBucks).


FlexCash are funds included with student meal plans and are valid for the semester. These funds are loaded and available on the day that the meal plan begins and expire at the close of the semester when the meal plan ends. These funds do not carry over beyond the close of the term and unused balances are not refunded. FlexCash is part of the board (meal) program and, as such, can only be used to purchase food and beverages at the following on-campus locations: 

FlexCash and PantherBucks accepted here sign
  • Vending machines located throughout campus residential, academic, and administrative buildings
  • Prospect Dining Hall (for admitting guests when a student’s guest passes are used up)
  • Prospect Hall ToGo Window – located next to the Prospect Dining Hall entrance
  • Commons Café – located in the Lamson Library
  • PAWS Café – located in the Hartman Union Building (HUB) PawsWay
  • Union Grille – located in the HUB
  • Woods Café – located in Langdon Woods Residence Hall
  • At select athletic and special events


PantherBucks are funds added by students, faculty, or staff members that never expire and are valid for as long the person is actively associated with Plymouth State. Any PantherBucks remaining on an individual’s account gets refunded when they leaves PSU (graduate, transfer, retire, etc). PantherBucks can be used everywhere that FlexCash can be used in addition to the following locations:

  • Off-campus merchants who participate in the PantherBucks program.  Refer to the EXPLORE section within the GET Portal or APP for an up-to-date listing.
  • Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore – located in the HUB
  • D&M Maker Space – located in D&M Building

PantherBucks Balance Refunds

As stated above, PantherBucks balances are refunded when an individual leaves PSU for any reason. Individuals do not need to facilitate this action. Balances are typically processed within a few weeks of when a student becomes inactive but may take longer at the close of an academic term due to the volume of graduating students that need to be processed. Staff and Faculty are handled as part of the employee clearing process. Balances are transferred to the individual’s Student Financial Services (SFS) account. If an individual has any balance due on their PSU account, the PantherBucks first get applied to that. If an account is clear, PantherBucks are applied as a credit and the individual can facilitate a refund from within their PSU SFS account.

Refunds of balances for active account holders are managed on an individual need basis. Individuals having a specific need for a refund can send an email to flex-cash@plymouth.edu from their PSU email account with an explanation of their circumstances so the refund request can be considered.

Purchasing PantherBucks

There are two ways for an individual to add PantherBucks to their account. In addition, it is possible to add funds to another person’s account (such as a parent wanting to add funds to their student’s account):

Student Financial Services (SFS) allows the transfer of a credit balance on a student’s campus tuition account to be transferred to PantherBucks. It should be noted that funds transferred in this manner are not immediately available for use. There are several manual processing steps that take place so students or families wanting to transfer funds in this manner should plan ahead. Students facilitate this process from SFS and should refer to SFS for the guidelines, process, and timing.  

GET Web Portal or the GET Mobile App are the most popular and convenient ways to deposit funds onto an individual’s PantherBucks account. The App is for use by the owner of the PantherBucks account (parent / family access is not supported). The Web Portal is an alternative to the App (parent / family access is not supported) but it also does allows families and guests to add funds to another person (like their child / student). Both GET platforms have additional functionality of interest to students.


In general, FlexCash and PantherBucks can be used to purchase food, beverages, certain goods, and services.  These funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, vaping products, gift cards, gift certificates, or other items that may be deemed inappropriate by the program management.

PantherBucks cannot be purchase by using PSU funds without special administrative approval.  Such approval is rare.  Contact flex-cash@plymouth.edu with questions regarding this policy.

Discounts and Surcharges

Patrons using FlexCash and / or PantherBucks are given a 5% discount at all on-campus foodservice retail locations and a reduced entry fee for Prospect Dining Hall. The 5% discount may be waived at the discretion of management to exclude certain specials and promotions. Patrons using FlexCash, PantherBucks, or credit cards at any on-campus vending machine are charged a $0.10 surcharge on the purchase to cover processing fees associated with the vending program.  Cash sales in on-campus vending machines are not subject to the surcharge. 

Questions and Contact   

General meal plan related questions should be referred to meal-plans@plymouth.edu or contact
Residential Life & Dining Services Office
218 Speare Hall
(603) 535-2260

General dining program questions or concerns should be referred to PSU Dining Services at 603-535-2710 or by visiting Prospect Dining Hall and asking to speak to a manager.

For questions related to FlexCash, PantherBucks, the off-campus merchant program, or the GET Mobile system, email flex-cash@plymouth.edu or contact
Residential Life & Dining Services Office
218 Speare Hall (603) 535-2260


The information contained on this page is subject to change without notice.  Every attempt has been made to assure the accuracy of the information presented.  Offices or entities referenced shall assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.