GET Mobile System

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GET Mobile allows individuals to manage and view their dining-related accounts (FlexCash, PantherBucks, Meals, and Guest Passes).  It allows viewing of balances and usage history.  It facilitates the purchase and deposit of PantherBucks.  It allows individuals to lock their ID if they lose or misplace it (to prevent unauthorized access of their accounts).  It also allows individuals to unlock their ID, if they discover it was simply misplaced.  Users can also explore the various locations where they can use their account balances; on and off campus (with contact information, maps, phone numbers, and web addresses). 

Individual account holders are encouraged to download and install the phone app (iOS or Android). The Web Portal version has similar capabilities.  Guests (parents for example) wanting to deposit funds onto their student’s account would use the GET Portal (they will need the student’s last name and PSU ID number to make the deposit).  Links are provided for convenience:

  • ID cards are not transferrable – The use of another individual’s PSU ID card, even with their permission, is against University policy and may result in disciplinary action.  The owner of an ID card is responsible for its security and proper use.
  • ID cards must be present – Individuals are required to have, and present, their ID card in order to utilize their meal plan, FlexCash, or PantherBucks accounts (on and off campus).  Merchants are not permitted to process a transaction without the physical ID card being presented and the presenter is verified to be the owner.  Note: for off-campus merchants who do deliveries, they will often take student information over the phone and then the delivery staff will verify the information against the physical ID card upon delivery.
  • ID cards must be in good physical and functional condition – ID card photos must be in good condition (not faded or defaced in any way).  The ID card magnetic stripe and proximity chip must be functional and readable by the point-of-sale device.  If the stripe or chip are not functional, manual processing of the transaction shall be at the discretion of the processing locations.  Some locations do not have the ability to manually process transactions.  A merchant has the right to refuse to process a sale when presented with an ID card in poor condition or having failed technology.
  • Lost or misplaced ID Cards – In the event an individual loses or misplaces their ID card, it is their responsibility to lock the ID card using the GET system.  PSU does accept responsibility for lost funds due to a lost or misplaced ID card that was not locked.  Getting a new ID from the HUB ID Center will automatically inactivate the previous ID.  If a lost / misplaced ID card was locked via the GET system, and a new ID is issued, the new ID will automatically be unlocked and ready for use.

Any situation related to improper usage of an ID card, theft of meals via improper dining hall access, improper use or accessing of another individual’s FlexCash or PantherBucks account, or resulting theft of services from any venue, merchant, or device will result in disciplinary action through referral to the appropriate authority.

In the event an individual feels they are the victim of theft from their FlexCash, PantherBucks, or Meal Plan account they should immediately lock their ID card through the GET system and contact Residential Life at 603-535-2260 or by emailing  If emailing they should use their PSU email account and include their full name, student ID, and specific details regarding the concern (including dates, times, locations, and any additional information that could assist in an investigation). 

A $20.00 per day campus-wide limit on FlexCash / PantherBucks transactions at on-campus vending machines is in place as a safeguard to users.  The limit is designed to minimize potential theft that could occur if a malicious individual was in possession of a lost or stolen ID card and used it in vending machines.  The threshold is set such that it would limit the amount of loss against the person whose ID was lost or stolen (and had not been locked via the GET system), yet the safeguard would not inconvenience typical users depending on vending for a few snacks and beverages.