Dining on Campus

Students eating in dining hall

There are plenty of dining options and flexible ways to pay for food while on campus.

Meal Plans

We have a variety of meal plan options to choose from. To see all of the options visit Dine on Campus.

  • First-year students are required to be on the Unlimited plan with $100 FlexCash.
  • Students residing in a residence hall are required to be on a meal plan.
  • Approximate Dining Swipes Per Week (based on 15-week semester)
  • Restricted plans are only available to students residing off-campus, in University apartments, or to students who met the live-on requirement. Students required to be on a meal plan who do not select one will be placed on the default meal plan (Unlimited plan with $100 Flex Cash).

FlexCash + Panther Bucks

There are two types of debit accounts: FlexCash and Panther Bucks. Both can be accessed at a variety of locations around campus with a PSU ID card.

FlexCash vs. Panther Bucks

FlexCash that is issued to students as part of select meal plans expires at the end of the semester in which it was issued and is not refundable. FlexCash can be used only at on-campus foodservice venues, and on-campus food and beverage vending machines. For these on-campus facilities, funds are automatically drawn from FlexCash first, and when depleted from Panther Bucks.

Panther Bucks can be purchased by any student (or their families), faculty, or staff and are valid as long as the person is actively associated with PSU (they do not expire). Any balance that remains when the student leaves PSU gets refunded to their Student Account Services account.

All foodservice venues accept FlexCash, including Prospect Hall, Union Grille, Daily Paws, the Woods Café, Commons Café, Panther Café, and Concessions.

Panther Bucks can be used at on-campus food and beverage vending machines, HUB Panther Print Shop, select copiers, ice skate entry and rentals, campus bookstore, and select off-campus locations.

For a list of off-campus locations that accept Panther Bucks refer to the GET Portal.

For More Information

Call Residential Life at (603) 535-2260 or e-mail meal-plans@plymouth.edu. Students should e-mail questions from their PSU e-mail account and include their student ID number. Meal plans may be added, at full cost, at any point during the semester by contacting Residential Life. If a student runs out of meals, blocks of 15 meals can also be purchased.