Non-Trad Apartments

Non-Trad Apartments are home to 50 upper-division students and include 30 units. Twenty are two-person apartments with private bedrooms, and ten are one-person apartments. Nontraditional Apartment rooms are furnished with desks, desk chairs, beds, mattresses, dressers, kitchens, and living room furniture. Carpet is in living room areas and bedrooms. In addition, Nontraditional Apartments are located in close proximity to Centre Lodge.

Community Amenities

  • Recreation Space located in Langdon Woods or Merrill Place Lobby
  • Laundry Room accessible to all Non-Trad Residents (located near apartment 15)
Important Contacts
  • Area Coordinator - 603-535-3297
  • Graduate Assistant - 603-535-2283
  • Community Advisor Duty Phone – available on signage throughout the community

General inquiries about the community, room setups, furniture, etc., should be emailed to .

Non-Trad Apartments Pictures

  • Non traditional apartments outside
  • Non traditional apartments inside the rooms
  • Non traditional apartments kitchen
  • Non traditional apartments inside
  • Non traditional apartments laundry room
  • Non traditional apartments bathroom