Grafton Hall

Grafton Hall is home to 250 first-year students and offers double rooms with a partial divider wall and shared community bathrooms on each floor. Grafton Hall rooms are furnished with desks, desk chairs, beds, mattresses, and dressers. Vinyl composite tiles are in Residence Hall rooms, and carpet is in hallways/lounges. In addition, Grafton is located in close proximity to Prospect Dining Hall and is a short walk to the ALLWell Center.

Community Amenities

  • Recreation Lounge with Billiards and Table Tennis
  • Laundry Room located off of the Lobby
  • Community Kitchen (Includes stove, oven, and microwave)
  • Study Lounge located off of the Lobby

Important Contacts

  • Community Director/Graduate Assistant - 603-535-2924
  • Community Advisor Duty Phone – available on signage throughout the community

General inquiries about the community, room setups, furniture, etc., should be emailed to .

Grafton Hall Pictures

  • Grafton Hall Outside
  • Grafton Hall Laundry room
  • Grafton Hall dorm room
  • Grafton Hall dorm room facing window
  • Grafton hall dorm room beds
  • Grafton Hall bike area
  • Grafton Hall lounge area
  • Grafton hall kitchen