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Plymouth State University serves the state of New Hampshire and the world beyond by transforming our students through advanced practices where engaged learning produces well-educated undergraduates and by providing graduate education that deepens and advances knowledge and enhances professional development. With distinction, we connect with community and business partners for economic development, technological advances, healthier living, and cultural enrichment with a special commitment of service to the North Country and Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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Our Senate is made up of some wonderful, talented and dedicated individuals who are here for your needs.

Meet who they are here:

Speaker – Madelyn McCluskey

Vice-Speaker – Aidan Boisvert

Treasurer – Jesse

Secretary – Jenna Alden

Parliamentarian – Joesph Lacreta

USNH Student Trustee – Michael Shannon

USSB Rep – Joshua Chandler

Student Body President – Avery Jones

Student Body Vice-President – Mikayla Colburn

Class of 2021 Council Representative (President) – Dimmone Marshall

Class of 2021 Vice President – Madelyn McCluskey

Class of 2022 Council Representative – (President) Chad Leigh

Class of 2022 Vice President – Joesph Lacreta

Class of 2022 Secretary – Josh Chandler

Class of 2023 Council Representative (President) – Jenna Alden

Class of 2023 Vice President – Madison Hawkes

Class of 2023 Treasurer – Alyssa Griffin

Class of 2023 Secretary – Gensis Uribe

Class of 2024 Council Representative (President) – Devonte Gilmore

Class of 2024 Vice President – Isabelle Schena

Class of 2024 Treasurer – Hayleigh McDuffee

Class of 2024 Secretary – Molly McAllister

Non-tradition Apartment Representative – Kaci Pomeroy

Off-Campus Representative – Drew Hodges

Graduate Student Representative – Ashley Prindle

At-Large Representative – Rachel Wilcox

Athletic Representative – Siri Brett

CTLT Representative- Michael Shannon

International Student Representative – Kassidy Lyons

International Representative – Viet Chi Bao Nguyen

Health & Human Enrichment Cluster Representative – Sage Scribner

Advisor – Tevis Bryant

Currently, there are some open positions available for students to acquire.

These Positions are: 

Class of 2021 Treasurer

Class of 2021 Secretary

Class of 2022 Treasurer

Greek Council Representative

Residential North Community Council Representative x2

Blair Hall and Mary Lyon Community Council Representative

Grafton Hall and Geneva Smith Community Council Representative

Belknap Hall and Pemi Hall Community Council Representative

Arts & Technology Cluster Representative 

Exploration & Discovery Cluster Representative 

Justice & Security Cluster Representative 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cluster Representative 

Tourism, Environment and Sustainable Development Cluster Representative 

Student Government meets every Sunday in HUB 119 at 6:00 p.m. These meetings are open to everyone to share their voice at Plymouth State University.

Below is a public google drive link where minutes from every meeting are posted throughout the semester. We have included minutes from 2017 to now. A new document is uploaded every time we meet.

You can find them HERE

Submit any comments, questions, and concerns that you would like to make Plymouth State Student Government aware about. We are here to give students a voice!

Submit to the online form.

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