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“Donors need to know that every gift matters—regardless of the size,” says John Tucker ’87, P’23, President’s Council member, and dedicated Plymouth State donor.

John Tucker ’87, P’23

John Tucker ’87, P’23

“When I was at Plymouth, there were a few times where I didn’t have the money to continue school. I actually enlisted in the army to pay for my tuition,” John recalls. “I know what it’s like to be a hard-working student, doing the right thing, who can’t afford to go to college.”

Erynn Cole was also one of these students John describes. A history buff since she was a child, Erynn had long dreamed of a college degree and eventual career in teaching. “My family has never been very financially stable, and at times it felt like that dream was a little too far out of reach,” she says.

She was elated when she began her social studies education program at Plymouth, but by her junior year, with her bachelor’s degree just a few semesters away, her excitement turned to worry. “I spent all summer and semester stressing about how I was going to pay for my tuition. I was beyond upset at the possibility that I would have to drop out after working so hard,” she recalls.

Erynn’s story is exactly why John and his wife, Pam, made a gift to the Plymouth Opportunity Scholarship Angel Fund. “I consider this scholarship an investment,” John says. “An angel investment in a new business comes from someone who believes in the founder and their future—the Angel Fund is the same idea, but for students. They’re taking a chance on an education and a career, and we, as donors, are taking a chance on them.”

Thanks to donors like you, the Angel Fund provides just-in-time support to deserving students who might otherwise have to drop out of Plymouth due to finances. Students like Erynn.

Erynn Cole ’18

Erynn Cole ’18

“This scholarship allowed me to stay in school and work hard for the degree I desperately wanted,” she says. “I can’t express how genuinely grateful I am.” Erynn has since graduated and is now teaching history, realizing her life-long dream.

“There is no better investment than in students who want to work hard, are positive influences in our communities, and who deserve an opportunity,” John explains. “I owe this to Plymouth, because it’s such a special place that gave me a great education and a jumpstart to my career. I want to share that experience with others.“ John emphasizes the fact that all donors have a meaningful impact on Plymouth students. “No gift is too small. If 50 people give $50, that’s a big chunk of money. $100 does a lot. A few thousand can happen quickly when we all gather together.”



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On behalf of John, Pam, Erynn, and the entire Plymouth community, thank you for being an angel investor in our students!