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We understand college can be a major adjustment and takes time to get used to. During this transitional time, we want to offer incoming students the opportunity to tackle any daunting events with a friend. Pemi’s Pals, led by upperclassmen, is the chance for students to navigate the new and unfamiliar with a trusted companion by their side. These pals can accompany you to a variety of events on campus--sporting events and working out, the theatre, student organization meetings, the dining hall and more! Don’t let the unfamiliar keep you from doing things you’ve dreamed of doing. And who knows? You might find a lifelong pal.


Pemi’s Pals is a way for you to make connections and go to events with a friend. With new events on campus happening every week, the opportunities are endless. Get out there and experience something new. Want to try a new club, go to the gym, or just have someone to have a meal with? Pemi's Pal's is for you!

The Pemi's Pal's Program is designed for incoming students who might have reservations about being somewhere new or ones who might be scared to go try new things. This is a resource for those who are looking to make connections and make new friends on campus.

It’s easy. The Office of Student Experience will provide you with a buddy who shares similar interests as yourself. Then, we will pair you with one another and find an event that interests you. We will help you find what you love to do.

If you’re an incoming student, we will reach out to you. You will be sent to a forum where you’ll identify your interests, hobbies, and availability. When the program launches, you will be invited to join a variety of events for that week. Don’t worry, we’ll invite you back the week after that and the week after that. We want your college experience to be transformative and welcoming.

If you are on campus and see a fellow student wearing an identified marker (either a pin or a sticker), you have successfully identified a pal. These pins should signal that this person is friendly and willing to answer your questions, no matter how big or small.  Please ask them!

You can be paired with a pal to go to the dining hall, club meetings, campus events, sporting events, to the gym, to volunteer, etc. The opportunities are endless. If you find an on-campus event or activity is not on the list, feel free to stop by and bring it up. We will find someone to accompany you.

There is a pal portal in the works where you can reach out to them about the upcoming event you have been paired with. Here you can ask them the location you would like to meet, ask any questions about the details of the event, etc. We want you to be comfortable talking to your buddy and being around them.

  1. Try everything at least once, then try it again! Maybe you might not have liked something in the past, but this is a new milestone in your life, and you are constantly evolving. 
  2. Be kind and caring to yourself and others. Many other first-year students experience the same feelings you might be feeling.